Sunday started early morning with blessings for the week. It is a good day to start walking for exercise. I walked to McDonald’s and discovered McCafé hot coffee and a fresh baked, healthy Carrot McMuffin, as early as 5AM. When all the facilities are closed on Sunday, only McDonald’s opens the door for early bird breakfast. Hot coffee is the next best thing to have on a breezy Sunday morning with a sweet, spicy carrot muffin and brown sugar topping. McDonald’s is a good place to start the morning with breakfast, coffee, and pastries on Sunday. Two (2) cups of McCafé hot coffee set me for the whole day on Sunday.

All the other coffee shops open later during the day.

The Little Corner Restaurant Diner starts on Sunday at 7AM with a fresh cup of coffee for early morning customers.

Whole Foods Market Coffee Shop begins at 8AM with French Roast or Italian Roast “robusto” coffee.

Ann Sather’s Coffee Shop and Swedish pastries opens around the same time, as the others on Broadway.

Throughout Sunday, I felt the good feelings for the whole day.

Whole grain Italian pasta is a special treat on Sundays. Plus, distilled Apple Cider is also an imported taste from Germany which ALDI Foods is showcasing in September 2016.

By the time evening arrived, I used up all the positive energy I have had for the weekend to set up the new month of September events.

There is going to be a RogersEdge Dinner Crawl on Broadway, Devon, and Sheridan. on Thursday, September 22, 5-8PM.

I did not realize how tired I was on Sunday, after walking around all day on two (2) cups of McCafé hot coffee and a carrot whole grain muffin.

After 9PM, I fell asleep completely until 1AM. Then, I woke up suddenly, after midnight, having slept only four (4) hours… I started walking around like a zombie after 1PM, when I did not oversleep at all during twilight. At two o’clock, I was still awake. By 3:00AM, I was snacking already with you in mind…

Monday mornings are always the best to start with a blessing, prayers, and a positive note.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications