Sunrise Over Thorndale Plaza

Sunrise Over Thorndale CTA Train Station

Early this morning, I was awakened by a sudden mental nudge around 4:00AM, right before drizzling rain drops began to fall on the ground.  Just around 4:30PM, the Chicago Tribune truck delivered this morning Redeye, just before the Chicago Reader delivery truck brought the weekly magazine to the stand.  When I walked to the newspaper stand, a Hispanic Mexican pedestrian walked by  me  and said, “Good  Morning!” and  I replied the same, while I hurried to get the  morning’s news.  The twilight was still hovering over dark and heavy clouds threatening rain showers.

Then, suddenly, raindrops began to fall on my head this Thursday morning, and I ran to take shelter before I got soaking wet since I am already catching a cold.

Dawn revealed a surprising sunrise diffused by heavy cumulus clouds.  The sun struggled to shine through the menacing overcast skies forecasting the rain to come….

I walked on Broadway towards Thorndale Street and along the way, the sun rays cracked through the clouds, as if it had won the right to shine through the nimbus.

Thursday was not going to be a typical day on the first day of September in the year 2016.  Suddenly, it started to rain and I ran to take shelter again, before I got soaking wet…