On Sunday, 22 May 2016, the planets in the universe like the Earth, the Sun, and the red planet Mars align, as it gets closer to the human eye. Once in a full blue moon, I notice the difference in human behavior around me. When the full moon comes out, human nature is affected. What happens during the full moon…once in a blue moon?

Since Friday, March 29, 2016, my youngest brother behavior has changed…since he arrived at O’Hare International Airport after 8:00 PM. The taxi driver reported his irritation after the long drive to 1060 West Hollywood Avenue, in the Edgewater Historic Bryn Mawr District, where he came through the back door in the parking lot.

Three (3) weeks have passed since he locked himself in the apartment to start packing for his move out of the building. Now Robert S. Hung opens the door for food delivery, especially for a Jimmy John’s Sandwich. However, when Robert sees me, he closes the door so that I cannot come in to see where he is packing my things or putting away my personal belongings, professional business resources, or my clothing or cookingware. Robert does not let me use the bathroom, the shower, or the kitchen to drink water or to prepare food to eat.

Robert does not provide food for me to eat. He does not want me to use the bathroom shower to bathe or the toilet for personal human needs, or the kitchen for me to prepare food .

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.