On Friday, April 1st, 2016, Robert S. Hung and his oldest sister Gardenia C. Hung embarked on American Airlines Flight 2193 to Miami International Airport to meet a connecting InselAir Flight 400 to Santiago de Cuba at 10:00 AM. The long lived dream was to reunite with family relatives, Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos, her husband Pedro Rafael Zayas Guerrero, Cousin Santiago Mock Hung, M.D., his wife Ileana Castillo Revé, her son Santiago Mock Castillo, M.D. and his wife Ileana, other cousins Pedrito Zayas Fong, his wife Xiomara Rojas Hernández adn her son Rafael Alejandro, Cousin Keila Olmo Fong, and her nephew Rafael Mut Olmo en Calle 3 #119 entre Calle 2 y Carretera del Morro, Reparto Mariana de la Torre en Santiago de Cuba. After 45 years of separation, Cuban family members wanted to see Roberto Santiago Hung Fong and his sister back in Santiago de Cuba again. Their dream-come-true became a reality in 2016, April 1-29 in Santiago de Cuba.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.