Can I have a glass of water? Drinkable water is no longer taken for granted anywhere in the world. Where a glass of water used to be available for customers, visitors, and pedestrians at the supermarket a few months ago, now there is no water for nobody. The proverbial water fountain on the premises is no longer a commodity. Some stores do not have any water fountains for the thirsty. You might as well “Stay Thirsty My Friend.” Or, take your own drinkable water bottle with you, wherever you go…in the 21st century.

The only problem is that when one travels through O’Hare International Airport, security screening water bottles does not allow any on your carry-on bag. Might as well throw your water bottle “out” In front of security at O’Hare International Airport. Can’t even drink your own boiled water bottle? You have to purchase bottled water for the road to travel. However, you have to drink your water fast at Miami International Airport if you are travelling to Santiago de Cuba because Cuban airport security does not allow water bottles on board the airplane. “Stay thirsty, my friend”, until you are on board the airplane to Santiago de Cuba. The stewardesses want passengers to drink on board, up in the clouds, all sorts of beverages, including water with ice or nothing at all.

Travelers and commuters are always advised to beware of the drinking water along the journey. It is not always safe to drink any water from the faucet or the kitchen sink anywhere. “Boiling water has become a standard in the 21st century.”

People on holiday who drink too much water can become bloated, waterlogged, and incontinent, which means that they cannot hold the water inside…then the water flows out uncontrollably…Drinking too much water while on vacation can become a source of embarrassment for those who cannot hold their own.

While nowadays some public establishments provide water freely upon request, others are charging for a glass of water. A small Dixie cup of water is allowed at Vero Coffee Shop for free. However, if you want more water, it is going to cost you 28 cents for the glass at Mariano’s Supermarket. Gone is the water drinking station serving Meyer lemon slices with crushed ice at the Concession stand. “Those were the days, my friend, you thought they would never end… We used to laugh forever and a day”. Those were the days. Water is no longer free for the taking, there is not even a water fountain in sight.

“Stay Thirsty, My Friend”