If you are afraid to miss your overnight connecting flight at the Tampa International Airport, then the inexperienced traveler, who is too miserable to book a hotel room overnight, is more likely to sleep at the airport on a chair, on the floor, or standing up like a zombie. A traveler who cannot afford to pay for a hotel reservation in Florida, should not be traveling at all… Have you ever slept at an international airport overnight?

Anything could happen while sleeping at an international airport in order to catch the early morning flight on April Fool’s Day! Only fools on April 1st venture on the unexpected, the incredible, and the unbelievable excuse that a miserable traveler has spent too much money to make a hotel reservation in Florida. If you believe that, you are in for the greatest lie I have ever heard in my life.

International airports are not the best place to sleep overnight, while waiting for a connecting flight the next morning.

April Fool’s beware of miserable traveler’s excuses not to reserve a hotel room overnight, in order not to miss the early morning flight. Only fools believe that is all it takes to travel…