On Easter Sunday, Christians, Catholics, and people around the world celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the renewal of life and the spirit. Since the crucifixion of Christ among two thieves on crosses, side by side, as a public display of punishment, the Passion of Christ remains a traditional Via Crucis for three (3) during Holy Week, in Spring time. By the third day, Jesus Christ, who was thought to have died on the cross, was been removed to a tomb covered by a stone for his permanent sepulcher. His followers found the tomb stone, removed it, and found Jesus Christ still there and carried him out, still alive. Historians and facts of life witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and the renewal of life and the human spirit on Easter Sunday.

Catholics and Christians believe in the resurrection of the dead and in the renewal of life and the spirit to live on from generation to generation and beyond.

In the 21st century, it is easier to witness how presumed dead people come to life, after a suicidal attempt, and recovery in ten (10) years. My Mother, Gardenia Fong Ramos, attempted to commit suicide on January 12, 2006, and survived her experience. I saved my Mother from her self-inflicted stabbing that day, when I found her, and called “911” Lombard Emergency Services with Dr. Thomas. On Easter Sunday, she is a witness to the miracle of Christian resurrection and the Catholic renewal of the human spirit in the Edgewater district near Loyola University Lake Shore Campus, and the historic Bryn Mawr District.

On the other hand, her youngest son, Robert S. Hung, has also been a victim of violence, personal injury and assault by a Black African-American at his workplace, during office hours in a corporate work environment. Robert S. Hung was attacked from behind with a chair flung over his head and back by the Black African-American who worked with him in the office, downtown Chicago. Bob was removed unconscious, in a coma,on a stretcher by Chicago Paramedics and driven by ambulance to Nothwestern Memorial Hospital, downtown in Chicago. Today, Robert S. Hung is still under disability, following his violent experience, while working for the Black African-American who attacked him from behind with a chair and hit him three (3) times, repeatedly, until the Black African-American knocked him down to the floor, presumed dead. “Bob” remains Catholic in faith and still under psychiatric care and disability.

In my own Catholic personal experience and Christian family life, my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung was abused by intruders and trespassers on December 21, 1996, during a Lombard home invasion, who struck him hard on the head from behind with a blunt object, and drugged him by injection, while he was having dinner on December 21, 1996, twenty (20) years ago in his Lombard home, on the second floor in-law apartment.

In 1997, my Father was severely injured and suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and induced drug coma for three (3) months at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, DuPage County Illinois USA. Later, Mr. Roberto Hung was transferred to Edwards Hospital con Naperville for additional hospital treatment; then he was moved to Manor Care Assisted Retirement Center, Marianjoy Community Rehabilitation Center in Naperville, before he recovered his human senses to be discharged in the care of Dr. Thomas Cornwell M.D. and Nurse Nancy Minch R.N., CNA Jennifer and Carol, both Certified Nurse’s Assistants working with Home Care Physicians from Carol Stream, Illinois USA.

Mr. Roberto Hung, a Lombard resident homeowner and taxpayer survived the blunt abuse, personal assault and injury by the Addison man from the Pampered Chef, http://www.pamperedchef.com who attacked him and his eldest Daughter and Son-in-law inside the Lombard home, at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, in District 5, York Township, DuPage County Illinois USA.

Two (2) years later, in 1998, once again, my brother Robert S. Hung and Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, sent three (3) men to our Lombard home in the evening to see my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, again at night, who pressed his chest to see where he had been injured by the Addison attacker who caused him the Traumatic Brain Injury with Aneurysm, a collapsed lung and a tracheostomy, as well as a gastrointestinal tube , G-Tube. While I was working at the College of DuPage as Adjunct Faculty, teaching Spanish for Health Care Professionals with Nurse Kathy McCullough Registered Nurse, my Father received visitors who met my husband Nathan S. Wittler, witness to Robert S. Hung’s visit with three (3) strangers at my Lombard home.

On April 21, 1998, a couple of weeks afterwards, Jennifer, the Certfied Nurse’s Assistant, switched her day with Carol, a Black CNA, who showed up around 7:00 AM at our Lombard home for my Father’s daily personal hygiene service. Carol was in a hurry, and turned Roberto Hung too fast and over on his face suddenly, while he was thumped over the bedside, on his chest, where he had tracheostomy and a gastrointestinal tube. I saw my Father turned over on his face down and heard a hard noise, while his body hit the bed face down. Roberto Hung was hurt by the rough treatment Carol provided early morning during her rushing CNA services. Afterwards, Roberto Hung’s tracheostomy was dislodged, he could not swallow down properly, and chocked. Two months later, on June 18, 1998, the Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar throttled Roberto Hung while he was sleeping at the Intensive Care Unit in Vencor Northlake Hospital, Cook County, Illinois USA.

Although my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, has been a Lombard Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes as an Illinois resident homeowner and taxpayer, he remains as an example of the renewal of the human spirit, beyond life and the observance of Easter Sunday tradition for my Catholic Christian family throughout the years.

My husband, Nathan Scott Wittler Patriquin, has also been unconcious, in a comatose state, presumed dead. However, “Nate” has survived against call odds his life experiences in the United States and abroad. On Easter Sunday, Nathan S. Wittler is still a witness to violence and heinous hate crimes against his wife Gardenia C. Hung and all her family members after purchasing two (2) Lombard real estate homes in York Township, DuPage County Illinois USA. His wife has been a Lombard Victim of Kidnappings, Torture, Physical Violence, and Head Concussions with Traumatic Brain Injury and Unconsciousness Induced By Intruders, Home Invaders and Trespassers in the family Lombard home.