On the first day of January 2016, “Now Is The Time To Try Something New” For This Year’s Resolutions.

1. Be Healthy, Honest, And Positive About 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

2. Try New Things To Do During 2016–Think About Changing Your Life For The New Year.

3. Find Family Relatives Who Have Been Unseen, Invisible, And Not Responsive To Me For More Than 10 Years–Such As My Mother Who Left On January 12, 2006; Those People Who Were In The Family 20 Years Ago; Relatives Whom I Have Not Seen For The Last 30 Years; And Distant Family Members Who Have Not Been Around My Family For More Than 40 Years, And People Who Met Me And Did Not Contact Me Over 50
Years–2016 Is The Year To Meet And Face Me In Person Before Is Too Late… Let’s Meet Now Or Never!

4. Enforce The Standards of Humanity In Our Relationship With Each Other, Always Respecting Human Rights And Civil Rights.

5. Always Defend The Essential Right To Privacy, When Others Intrude And Abuse Personal Rights Without Asking For Permission Or

6. “Where Is The Monetary Compensation For Gardenia Hung As An Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes In The Village of Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois, USA?”–I Have Not Received Any Payment, Restitution, Or Compensation For Illinois Crimes As A Lombard Resident Homeowner, Taxpayer, Or As The Abused Daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung and Mrs. Gardenia Fong Ramos.

7. “When Is My Mother Going To Communicate With Me After 10 Years?”

8. Get Ready For 2016 New Year’s Changes For The 21st Century!

9. Exercise Regularly For Health And Fitness.

10. Keep A Balanced Nutrition And Standard Body Weight Mass Index (BMI).

11. Observe Safety And Caution At All Times, Circumstances, Place, And Space In Time.

12. Beware of Strangers Who Do Not Reveal Their Identity.

13. Protect Self-Expression Against Those Who Deny Me The Right To Communicate With Others In Public.

14. Prevent Identity Theft Regarding Personal Information Used By Unknown Persons Without Consent, Legal Signature, Or Authorization.

15. Identify Who Is Using My Personal Information Without My Consent, Legal Signature, Or Authorization.

16. Keep And Enforce All Of The 2016 New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year 2016!

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.