Dear Jeanette O’Toole,

Summer Greetings In August 2015! Thank You For Inviting Me To Your Summer Capture My Chicago Little Get Together This Saturday, August 15 @ 4:15 PM, Around Tea Time. It is kind of you to include me in your CMC with Marija Mills, Chrissy Smiley, and Mary Jane Myers… The group looks interesting from a photographer’s point of view. I still have the same excuse on Saturday when I no longer go out to any gathering for the weekend, especially in the late afternoon. I am not as sociable as I used to be… on Saturday or weekends. Give Me Another Rainy Day Invitation… Another Day Time!

The truth is that I am not really going out as much any more on the weekends, since I am usually on my own. I am not able to go outt right now since I do not have any money–I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY. I am trying to get my Lombard Homeowner’s Payment For Lombard Criminal Disaster Roofing Water Damages and Losses, Plumbing Failure, and the Sale of the Lombard Real Estate Property to John E. Sellers by ReMax Realtor Kathy Volpe, JWR Realtor Tom Fosnot, and the Village of Lombard Attorney Tom Bayer and Howard C. Jablecki from the Law Offices of Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins Ltd.

So far, the Village of Lombard and Manco Home Builder Inc. did not pay me for the Lombard Criminal Roofing Water Damages and Losses, the Plumbing Failure or the Sale of the Real Estate Property at 502 South Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd. No one has ever paid me for the Lombard Criminal Damages and Losses, the Plumbing Failure or the Sale of the Real Estate Property to John E. Weglerz. I am still claiming Lombard Homeowner’s Compensation, Restitution, and Payment as A Victim of Crimes in DuPage County, Illinois USA.

That is the reason why I am not sociable right now.

I Do Not Have Any Money To Be Going Out To Get Together Right Now.

God Be With You Always, While I’m Thinking Of You!

Thanks again, for thinking of me, while I am in a middle of this problem without any money as a Lombard Homeowner in DuPage County, Illinois USA.



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Jeanette O'TooleJeanette O’Toole said

Hi Gardenia,

We’re having a little get-together this Saturday at our house at 353 East Elm Street, Villa Park. I just wanted to invite you again because this one will be at 4:15 p.m. instead of later. I remembered you mentioned you don’t like to be out at night, but if you’re available, we’d sure like to meet you, even if you could only stop by for a little bit.

There will be a few others here from Lombard; maybe one from CMC; her name is Marija Mills. She hasn’t responded to me yet. And then we invited Chrissy Smiley too and Mary Jane Myers. These were people who weren’t able to make it last Saturday.

Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and wanted to extend another invitation.

God be with you….


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