The Lurie Garden Inspires Us To Appreciate The Urban Landscape In Photography

I am glad to remember that on a beautiful picture perfect autumn day, Photographer Warren Perlstein talked about Urban Landscaping Photography at the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park.

Urban Landscaping Photography at the Lurie Garden is a class offered for people who love to take photographs when they are out and about town, in and around the city with Warren Perlstein, a professional photographer and instructor at the Chicago Photography Center.

Before going on a Saturday morning walk around Millennium Park and the Lurie Garden, Warren Perlstein provided his best advice and urban landscaping tips for Chicago’s skyscapes and urban environment.

The Lurie Garden inspires people to appreciate the wonders of nature’s flora and fauna, while everyone enjoys the surrounding natural world and the urban landscape environment at Millennium Park on its 10th anniversary celebration.

Photographer Warren Perlstein, Instructor For Urban Landscape Photography

Urban Landscape Photography At The Lurie Garden, Millennium Park

Photographer Warren Perlstein and Class At The Lurie Garden

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