Life Is A Journey: Mosquitoes on Metra Really Fly

The UP Metra West is usually a 45-minute ride by the time the train arrives at the Ogilvie Transportation Center and western suburbanites get to town and rush out of all cars, at once. Commuters from the western suburbs travel to the Windy City throughout the day and night on the UP Metra West train until 11:46PM—fifteen (15) minutes before midnight. The UP Metra West commuter journey now starts at 5:53 AM. When the western suburbanites passengers leave the train, they usually leave behind signs of their transit on the trains—newspapers, coffee cups, etc. Upon boarding one morning, I found big mosquitoes flying inside the train cars by the glass windows. The mosquitoes probably flew inside from the open car doors during the train stops at the western suburbs Metra stations, finding a refuge of comfort inside the Metra train cars, from densely populated forests, ponds, lagoons, rivers, streams, and water basins in Du Page County. The western suburbs of Du Page claim mosquitoes have been multiplying and spreading the West Nile Virus among the suburban population. It is not surprising to find mosquitoes on Metra train cars, flying around the glass windows, and among the commuting passengers from the western suburbs. While I found the big mosquito flying by the glass window in the train car, I proceeded to swat the West Nile Virus vector, splattered onto the glass. The thoughts of West Nile Virus Fever spreading around commuters on the Metra train is not appealing nor comforting while commuting on the Union Pacific West line.

Then, I found another smaller mosquito flying near the first one, closer to the windowsill, aboard the Metra train car. My second reaction was to do the same thing, swat the mosquito into oblivion and stop the insect from really flying inside the Metra West line train while I was commuting and travelling during the journey. West Nile Virus Fever is not a pleasant disease to catch from mosquitoes flying on the Metra train from the western suburbs of Du Page County, in Illinois USA. Metra should follow Mosquito Abatement guidelines to exterminate flying mosquitoes on board UP Metra West trains coming in and out of the western suburbs of Du Page County, Illinois USA. Mosquitoes on Metra really fly inside the train cars with commuters.

Watch Your Metra Train Tickets On Board From Strangers Swiping Them Off

After I purchased two (2) Metra tickets at $4.75 each at the Ogilvie Transportation Center, I remembered that the Lombard Metra does not sell train tickets any more, nor does it have an open train station facilities due to the current Metra train station construction project by John Burns construction workers, which is part of the $9.7 million renovation project.

While I was boarding the Metra, I noticed a group of passengers and an English gentleman wearing a white T-Shirt printed with the logo “Life is A Journey” by Giordano. The Englishman was travelling with an older woman who sat directly in front of me, while he sat with a younger woman on the other side of the train car. I had already placed my Metra ticket purchased at the Ogilvie Transportation Center for the Conductor to pick up. I noticed that the Englishman had to purchase all the Metra tickets on board from the Conductor who was charging him $7.00 for each ticket for buying the train passes on board—since the Lombard train station is closed and the platform is closed due to the ongoing Metra Construction Project. Metra charges $3.00 more for train passes sold by the Conductor on board, when the Metra stations are closed in the western suburbs. There is obviously a surcharge of $3.00 for tourist travelers and commuters who forget to buy their Metra train passes at the Ogilvie Transportation Center.

The older woman who sat in front of me, she swiped my Metra train ticket which was lodged on the metal holder in front of me, while I was looking at the corridor from my seat, as the Englishman got up to move to another seat and the older woman got up with him and sat in the back of the Metra train car. In one split second, my Metra train ticket was gone from the metal holder in front of me. Surprisingly, the Englishman returned and told me that my Metra ticket had been picked up by the older woman in front of me, while I was looking the other way. The Englishman came back to talk to me and return my Metra ticket. I asked him, “Why did you take my Metra ticket?” The Englishman said that the older woman in front of me picked it up by mistake, when she moved her seat to the back of the train car. From now on, it  is better to hold on to the Metra ticket, until the Conductor asks for the train pass in person.

Before the UP Metra West arrives, the Union Pacific Freight Trains West begin whistle-blowing through the western suburbs railways, railroad crossings, and Victorian towns of Du Page County, Kane County, all the way to Elburn, Illinois.

The Union Pacific Freight Train West travels through the Chicagoland area and across the western suburbs all day long, moving cargo non-stop, express, while delaying commuters along the way.

Life is a journey for commuters on trains travelling to and from the suburbs, just like the Union Pacific freight trains move along the railroad, non-stop, express. While Mosquitoes on Metra Really Fly.