The Pampered Chef, Ltd. In Addison, Du Page County, Illinois USA

The Pampered Chef, Ltd. is the premier direct sales of high quality kitchen tools and part of the Berkshire Hathaway business family with headquarters in Addison, Illinois and worldwide operations across the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Mexico. The Pampered Chef is defined online as a global multi-level marketing company that offers a line of kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks for preparing food in the home. The Pampered Chef company has a global direct sales force of more than 60,000 employees, in addition to 750 corporate staff based at the Addison Headquarters, One Pampered Chef Lane in Du Page County, Illinois 60101 USA.

In 1996, Mr. Roberto Hung, a Lombard resident homeowner who purchased a Lilac Town home at 502 South Westmore Avenue and Washington Boulevard at the age of 65 years old, was hired as a full-time employee at The Pampered Chef with benefits, health and life insurance deductions from his salary at One Pampered Chef Lane in Addison, Illinois. Roberto Hung lived as an Illinois resident homeowner and taxpayer, one block south of St. Pius X Catholic Church and School where The Pampered Chef cooking group and sales representatives thrived in the parish school community.

While Roberto Hung worked at The Pampered Chef, he purchased from The Pampered Chef and brought to his Lombard home and friends, Kitchen Seasonings, Tools, Food Products, and Cookbooks from the headquarters store in Addison, Du Page County, Illinois.

The Daughter of Roberto Hung also became involved with The Pampered Chef as a sales representative upon invitation from the global multi-level marketing cooking group. Since Roberto Hung’s Daughter has always been interested in Gourmet Cooking and has collected TIME-LIFE Cooking Technique Series books since the 1970s, International Recipe Books, Julia Child Cooking Methods, Jacques Pepin, The Cake Bible, and a vast collector’s recipe books, American Cook in Turkey, Cocina Al Minuto by Nitza Villapol, and many other vintage cooking recipe books like When French Women Cook by Madeline Kaman.

In addition, Roberto Hung’s Daughter had The Pampered Chef Hostess Collection for Sales Representatives when she presented The Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools at a House Party attended by some of her friends, Mirtha Quintana Toomey, Patty Jacobs, and others at 502 South Westmore Avenue and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.

Roberto Hung’s Daughter also purchased regularly from The Pampered Chef Catalog of Kitchen Tools and Baking Pans For Bread, Canapés, Hors d’ Oeuvres, Pastries, Brushes, Spatulas, Whisks, Mats, Glass Bowls, etc. She has visited The Pampered Chef Headquarters in Addison, Illinois.

Her Lombard Kitchen has been updated with the latest and newest kitchen electronics to include a Sears Kenmore Automatic Oven Cleaning Stove, Kitchen Aid Food Processor and Pasta Making Tools, Cuisinart, Potato Peeler, Delicatessen Roast Carver, Sears Kenmore Roaster, Convection Oven Microwave, Hitachi Bread Maker, Food Steamer, Blender, New Iron, Hand Blender, Coffee Makers, Deep Fryer, Ice Cream Maker, etc. New Sears Kenmore Dishwasher purchased in Oak Brook, Du Page County, Illinois USA.

Plus the Daughter of Roberto Hung, ordered from Colonial Kitchen in Virginia, as well as from Lillian Vernon also based in Virginia.

Roberto Hung’s Daughter entertained at her Lombard home and invited family, friends, students, guests, and European friends who visited Du Page County in Illinois, USA.