On the northwest side of Chicago, the Motorcycle Service Shop at Champion Cycle Center has closed its door to customers without refunding them for disrepair, consumer service fraud, breach of service contract for motorcycle maintenance on oil changes, coolant, and damages to motorcycles during the course of service at the shop by untrained mechanics for high-tech motorcycle maintenance.

Champion Cycle Center Inc., 3625 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60618 USA
I purchased two motorcycles from Champion Cycle Center Inc. which were returned for sub-standard service and faulty operation.

The Derbi Boulevard 150 CC Motorcycle was damaged by the mechanic Jon Jon during the course of regular motorcycle service maintenance. Now in 2014, Champion Cycle Center Inc. has closed its doors to customers without refunding or returning the motorcycles which were damaged and have been set aside at the service shop without any repair by the mechanics.

Since Champion Cycle Center Inc. is no longer open to customers, the owner Larry Wolfe and the salesman Julio Aquino, along with the mechanics who worked there, should refund the customers like me who have paid for two (2) motorcycles and did not get the standard motorcycle service maintenance according to the Warranty Contract Service.

Champion Cycle Center Inc. Closed Its Doors To Customer on the Northwest Side of Chicago
Consumer Service Protection is required to be enforced against Champion Cycle Center Inc. for breach of contract and consumer service fraud evidenced by the damaged and broken motorcycles which have not been returned to the customers and are still in disrepair, without refunding the customers who purchased the motorcycles there.