Easter Bunnies and The Egg Hunt arrived a week early on Saturday, April 12th. Soldier Field’s Eggstravaganza for everyone, especially for the children is an annual Easter Egg Hunt Treasure.
Simultaneously,Lilacia Park announced the Easter Egg Hunt on the same day, ahead of the Sunday tradition and the Easter Parade with bonnets. While the children have been aware in advance, I am not yet ready for Holy Week coming up for the next Triduum on Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday. My childhood is in the past since I am no longer three (3) years old anymore.

Holy Week is a Christian obligation every April for three consecutive days when the faithful attend church services as part of the ritual and observance in the life of Jesus Christ who was crucified for the sins of others. Christ was victimized, disgraced, tormented, humiliated, and crucified in the company of his peers.

Every year, Christians relive the life of Jesus Christ during Holy Week to remember that he was crucified for the sins of others and he rose again and resurrected on the third day, Easter Sunday.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.