Thirty-seven (37) years ago, I was a college freshman at Northeastern Illinois University during September 1977 when I was granted Financial Aid in the Work-Study Program managed by Marilyn Kuhn who assigned me to work for Mrs. Annette Cohn and Shirley Levin who handled the Illinois Veterans Scholarship and other financial aid scholarship awards.

Marilyn Kuhn was a senior financial aid civil service employee at Northeastern Illinois University. She used to live in the Edgewater area, near Foster and Clark Streets, close to Marie Liszewski and her husband who commuted from Uptown Chicago everyday.

Marilyn Kuhn was also a college financial counselor and friend of the NEIU student counseling staff.

While I attended Northeastern Illinois University during five (5) years, I was able to work and study with the Illinois State
Scholarship, the Pell Basic Grant, and the last year, Marilyn Kuhn suggested I use a student loan underwritten by the Illinois Guaranteed Loan (IGL) in order to finish college and graduate in December 1982.

Marilyn Kuhn was my financial aid advisor at NEIU for five (5) who awarded Student Work-Study and Supplemental Financial Aid for Illinois residents.

Thirty-seven years have passed, while I still remember Marilyn Kuhn, after I have already paid for all my college student expenses, including the Illinois Guaranteed Loan.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.