My College Friend Jennifer has always been a sweet, thoughtful Christian who introduced me to the Edgewater Christian Fellowship by Lake Michigan during my college years at Northeastern Illinois University. Jennifer who loves to bake used to share her Zucchini Bread with me when we used to meet after school at NEIU.

Thirty-some years ago, Jennifer invited me to meet her Christian Fellowship Group around Edgewater when she moved out on her own, since her parents were divorced while she was attending college at NEIU. I accepted her Christian Fellowship invitation and visited Jennifer with her Christian roommates in the Edgewater area by Lake Michigan, near Loyola University Lake Campus.

Whenever I make Zucchini Bread, I remember my College Friend Jennifer who shared her recipe with me while we were both attending college at Northeastern Illinois University during the 1980’s, thirty-some years ago.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.