John Bukacek and Rebecca Solano greeted CHICATA members with A Happy New Year in 2014 during the opening of the first General Meeting of the Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association held at the Lincoln Park Public Library.

Retired Linguistics Professor Peter Maher also attended the CHICATA Shop Talk Meeting last Saturday, January 18, 2014. During the Reception Meeting, Peter Maher reminded me about past Northeastern Linguistics Professors Tom “Jack” Richardson, Emily Ellison (Whipple) from Vermont and New England, as well as the late Don Siegl, who retired and have passed away, in memorian of the NEIU Linguistics Department in Chicago, Illinois USA.

The CHICATA discussion circle evolved around active interpreting and translation certification, training, and education in Illinois, across the USA and abroad.

CHICATA members old and new welcomed the New Year 2014 with a Fresh Start for the New Year and hopes for renewed efforts in language translation and interpreting opportunities in the 21st century.

Twenty years ago, in 1994, I attended my first CHICATA MEETING at the Sulzer Public Library, for the very first time upon a personal invitation from Patty Jacobs Nicarico who was involved in Spanish Translations for DuPage County and Public Access Information Inc. (PIA), also known as Interactive Media Worldwide.

I have been a Certified Interpreter and Translator since for the last thirty-six (36) years in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.