On January 12, 2006, I found my Mother injured at our Lombard home on the second floor after I returned from the Public Library. She was face down on the bed and I had to turn her over–when I noticed that my Mother had inserted a long knife in her upper abdomen. I suddenly pulled the knife put quickly ans called 911 for the Lombard Paramedics and Dr. Thomas M.D. to come and help her while I got her first responders assistance in DuPage County, Illinois USA.

Eight years ago, my Mother was in a coma after she tried to commit suicide be stabbing herself with a knife to the stomach. Dr. Thomas and the Lombard Paramedics used a stretcher and removed her from our Lombard home at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

Afterwards, the Lombard Police told me to go the Wheaton Office of the DuPage Co. Coroner on Monday to find her at the Morgue. But the Deputy Coroner told me that “there was no body there”, after he showed that the drawer was empty.

However, eight years after, my Mother is still alive after she survived her suicidal attempt, a stroke, and a coma period at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital where the Emergency Room nurse did not tell me where she was recovering under intensive medical care.

My Mother was transferred to an unknown medical facility out of DuPage County, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital did not contact me at our Lombard home, even when my Mother asked for me. My Mother was taken to another medical facility in Cook County, Illinois without notifying me as a Lombard homeowner by St. Luis X Catholic Church Parish.

I have not seen my Mother for the last eight years to date since January 12, 2006, while she has been around Loyola University Lake Campus in Chicago, Illinois USA. She is now a senior citizen, retired on disability.

My Mother has been missing from our family after she went to Loyola University with the support of Catholics and other community groups in Rogers Park and Edgewater, making a senior retirement life away from the daughter who helped her after she was hospitalized at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in care of Dr. McKenna, Social Worker Tilllary, and Dr. Patel, in Chicago, Illinois USA.

For the last eight years, my Mother has not contacted me nor does she write to me. One week ago, my Mother was burned on her arm by a senior community staff member pouring put scalding water on sitting senior patients in the Edgewater community by Loyola University Lake Campus surrounding Chicago Police staff.

This last week she was treated at Weiss Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, then she was transferred to the Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. Now she is still recovering from severe burning to the arm by scalding hot water.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.