Last July 13th, I was commuting on the CTA bus and walked all the way of the extended omnibus to the rear seat by the window, when I noticed a familiar face on the left side, sitting two seats in front of me by the window. After I sat, I was wondering where I had met the person who looked familiar to me… Then suddenly I felt an urge to stand up and ask that familiar face, “Are you David Reitfhoffer from the Groupe Professionel Francophone de Chicago, GPF?” He answered, “Yes, I am”. Then I said, “Hi, David, I am Gardenia and I used to be a regular member more than 13 years ago. I even invited you to Lunch at Nick’s Fishmarket for a social business meeting. “How Are You, David?” It has been about nine (9) years since I was involved in the GPF Chicago and the Alliance Française.

David Reithoffer was wearing his Groupe Professionel Francophone Chicago T-shirt and told me that he was on his way to host the celebration of Bastille Day Chicago 2013 with a Block Party at the Daley Center Plaza today, from 4PM to 10PM. He was getting ready to enjoy the festivities with friends; find a taste of French cuisine, and be ready to dance to the songs and music of French-speaking countries around the world.

It is always pleasant to come across familiar people and faces that I remember meeting more than thirteen (13) years ago in the summer 2013.