On my first day in Vancouver, at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, I wanted to re-visit some of my favorite places in town, as well as get to know new places where I had always wanted to go—Victoria, the Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island.  One of the best ways to do so is through a group tour offered by Gray Line Bus Tours.  These charter tours pick you up in the hotel lobby, take care of you,  and return you back to the same location at the end of the day—for only one fee.

Victoria:  The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, B.C.

At Tsawwassen, passing Point Roberts at the 49th Parallel, which borders Canada and the U.S.A., the B.C. Ferry Boats loaded with cars, motorcycles, tour buses, and passengers, cross the Strait of Georgia all together to the Saanich Peninsula in Vancouver & the Gulf Islands and  dock at the Ferry Terminal in Swartz Bay.  Upon arrival, all vehicles and passengers land and drive away through Sidney, Saanichton, and the island flora countryside to the Butchart Gardens—originally a limestone quarry opened for public display in 1904. The exotic hybrid flower varieties, the vibrant colors, and lush greenery, entice gardeners and flower enthusiasts worldwide to visit this forest paradise and relax.

Localized watering, special plant nourishment and daily care are shown by the local gardeners who  display the result of their labor in all its flower splendor and wonderful beauty.