Thirty years ago I completed five (5) years of college studies at Northeastern Illinois University in December 1982 at 5500 North St. Louis Avenue and Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago. Unlike others, I spent another extra year in college for additional certification for Secondary Education in Illinois with Linguistics Studies in courses taught by Professor Tom Richardson, Ph.D., English, Spanish, French, Communications, Journalism, Athletics, Dance, High Honors in English, Spanish, and French. NEIU graduation in December 1982 opened the door to employment opportunities in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In 1983 college graduates could apply for jobs posted on Chicago local newspapers and get hired.

Since I was used to working several jobs to pay for NEIU college studies and attended a Catholic private high school on the Northwest side of Chicago, I was able to pay for my own studio apartment where my Father lived, owned by Mrs. A. C. Nylen, a German-American Realtor and developer. In addition, I also helped to pay for family expenses, travel, and personal expenses after I got a teaching job at Holy Cross High School owned by the Christian Brothers and known today as a College Preparatory Academy in River Grove, Illinois USA.

In 1983, Trans-Lingual Inc. was teaching languages and providing translation and interpretings services as a company located at 8 South Michigan Avenue where Maureen worked downtown by the ‘L’ elevated Loop train stations. I worked for Trans-Lingual, Inc. teaching languages and culture to professional business associates in English, Spanish, French, as well as translating and interpreting for assignments Maureen provided since we knew each other as Northeastern Illinois University classmates and alumni.

Simultaneously, three decades ago, I started working for Groupe Europén S.A., also known as GESA Assistance, 24 hours, 7 days a week travel emergency insurance service on the third floor at 150 South Wacker Drive which used to be the Hartford Building by the Chicago River, in the South Loop by Union Station. At GESA Assistance, I was working as a Customer Service/Emergency Medical Dispatcher in the Midwest for European travellers, South Americans, Asians, and some people from Johannesburg, South Africa and other countries in the same continent.

During Spring 1983, I also enrolled for a Graduate School Fellowship offered by the President Abraham Lincoln Foundation at the University of Illinois Chicago which included Communication & Theatre Studies under Anthony Graham-White Ph.D., who used to be Department Chairman at UIC during the 1980’s. I continued Graduate School Studies with Rhetorical Criticism, Ethnography, Theatre, Japanese, Portuguese, and Medical Communications for Emergency Room Senior Patients at the University of Illinois Medical Center. In addition, Anthony Graham-White assigned for me to do Graduate Research Assistance for the Chinese-American Service League (CASL) managed and directed by Bernie Wong in Chinatown, Chicago, Illinois USA. At that time, I began to do a Master of Arts Thesis about the Chinese in Cuba, an Ethnography of a Chinese-Cuban Family: Assimilation and Acculturation in Cuba.

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