U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Midwest Regional Office, Region V
Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building
77 West Jackson Boulevard – Room 2101
Chicago, Illinois 60604-3507 , United States of America
To Whom It May Concern

Your Ref: U.S. HUD Inquiry Complaint No.237371 for Gardenia C. Hung, M.A. and the late Mr. Roberto Hung, J.D., father who was injured and disabled at home, 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road, Lombard, Illinois 60148-3028, December 21-22, 1996, only three (3) months after the cash purchase of the same Lombard Historical Bungalow in September 1996. Gardenia C. Hung and Family are legal resident homeowners, U.S. citizens in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois United States of America. Email: gardenia359@hotmail.com

Dear Yolanda Calicutt, U.S. HUD, Midwest Regional Office, Region V, To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Gardenia C. Hung, M.A. For your information and for the record, I have filed (4) complaints for Lombard housing discrimination with HUD since June, July, and August 2007, as No.237371 against the Village of Lombard and the neighbors, John and Eva Carpenter, sons, at 506 S. Westmore-Meyers Road , and local real estate operatives, to include other accomplices, such as Keith Steiskal, Chris Hanigan, McCall at the Water Department, Robert G. Meyers, Linda Pieczynski, Raymond Byrne at the Lombard Police Department for District 5, as well as the Lombard Board of Trustees and Howard C. Jablecki for the Law Offices of Klein, Thorpe, and Jenkins, Ltd. Please take notice that I have provided the basis for this HUD Fair Housing Complaint on legal grounds for discrimination, harassment, heinous/hate crimes, annoyance, profiling, unreasonable disturbance, and “private nuisance” caused by the Village of Lombard, and others, as follow for:
1. Threats of condemnation, demolition, and interference with the Hung Family’s real estate property by the Village of Lombard
2. The Village of Lombard refuses to allow reasonable disaster construction repairs, remodeling, rehabilitation to the Hung Family real estate property which has been damaged by the Village of Lombard, Police Department, John and Eva Carpenter, sons, and other cable TV and utility telephone service providers, trespassers, vandals, accomplices, and repeat offenders as an “access to crime”, trespass, and conversion of the same Lombard Historical Bungalow into a distressed real estate property. The Village of Lombard is liable and subject for prosecution in this HUD complaint, in order to compensate the Illinois resident homeowner and taxpayer, Gardenia C. Hung, for discrimination and bias violence.
3. This complaint for discrimination by the Village of Lombard documents that Lombard provides different housing services which are unauthorized by Gardenia C. Hung, as legal resident homeowner and executor for the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung, J.D. Unsolicited cable TV providers have slid on the roof and slipped off the roof tiles by the front door, falling and breaking the spinal cord with permanent injury, disability, and death—without the consent or approval for service by Gardenia C. Hung and the late Mr. Roberto Hung, J.D., or Nathan S. Wittler, ex-husband, or Robert S. Hung, son, or Mrs. G. Fong Ramos, mother.
4. The Village of Lombard refuses to mail correspondence from the Lombard Police Department and Linda Pieczynski who also refuses to answer, respond or reply to any U.S. mail, electronic mail, personal delivery of messages or answer Gardenia C. Hung as a Lombard resident homeowner and taxpayer in Du Page County, Illinois, United States of America.
5. The Village of Lombard fails to comply with the Fair Housing Act and Amendments and becomes subject for prosecution for harassing, coercing, intimidating and/or interfering with real estate property rights which are being denied to Gardenia C. Hung under threats of condemnation, demolition, and injunctive relief. The Village of Lombard is liable for unethical real estate practices set up for “panic selling” or “blockbusting” through deliberate real estate property damages and losses to the Hung Family Real Estate, Lombard Historical Bungalow, in order to force the sale of the distressed Lombard Bungalow converted by trespass into disaster and vandalized property as an “access to crime” arranged by the Village of Lombard Police Department with John and Eva Carpenter, sons and accomplices, in Du Page County, Illinois, USA.
Gardenia C. Hung as a victim of crime, discrimination, heinous/hate crimes, profiling, harassment, and private nuisance, has been reporting these real estate property attacks to U.S. Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Illinois Sheriffs Association, the Illinois Terrorist Task Force, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and other law enforcement agencies, and humanitarian groups, from 1993 to the present, in 2007. For the record, in the Village of Lombard, examples of threats, coercion, and intimidation include the following:
· Bullet hole on upper glass window pane in the living room
· Broken fence posts, splintered wood caused by trespassers jumping over the adjoining fence by the Carpenters’ driveway at 506 S. Westmore-Meyers Road in Lombard, Illinois, 60148-3028 , Du Page County, USA
· Torched-burning front door varnish with fire, as well as back porch door, and tool shed garden door
· Chemicals burning grass lawn
· Cracked, broken light fixtures on ceilings
· Bursting Lombard water plumbing pipes due to ungauged water pressure; leaking ducts and canals with fissures in the County of Du Page, Illinois, USA
· Broken Maple Tree Branch over the Carpenters’ driveway caused by the Carpenters ABF Truck 88938 on July 11, 2007, at 8H30AM, U.S. DOT 082866, ABF Freight System, Inc.- Trailer 88938, Semi-Truck. On Wednesday, August 8, 2007, the Carpenters’ son and John Carpenter arranged to have the broken Maple Tree branch through their back gate and Robyn/Jennifer’s driveway, carried out to leave the large Maple wooden branch on the side lawn, on Washington Blvd., leaving the same to obstruct pedestrians walking path, on the sidewalk.

I have provided other examples of discrimination in Fair Housing Practices by the Village of Lombard—heinous/hate crimes, harassment, unreasonable disturbance, annoyance, “private nuisance” experienced by Gardenia C. Hung and Family at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road, Lombard, Illinois 60148-3028, as victims of crime, profiling, bias violence, cruelty, and refusal to provide Lombard services to Illinois resident homeowners, taxpayers, and U.S. citizens.